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Ghost Tours in Savannah

The #1 Location for Savannah Ghost Tours! The Sorrel-Weed House has been Featured on Several Paranormal and Travel TV Shows. It has been called “The Most Haunted Home in Savannah“, by several Investigative groups and guests.

On the ‘Paranormal Tours’ inside the Mansion and Carriage House, you will hear about lots of different Experiences people have had. You will see and hear some of the Recorded Evidence from within the Home. You also get to do some Ghost Hunting of your own. We have Infrared Cameras in use & EMF detectors you can use during the tours! Bring your cameras and recorders or any of your own Ghost Hunting equipment as well.

There are a lot of options for Ghost Tours in Savannah now. It’s so hard to find the ones that tell the Authentic stories, as many of them go with rather “tall tales“. The ‘Ghost Hunters’ tour is one of the longest running and most popular ghost tours in Savannah, and it has always been praised as one of the best in town. We hope you enjoy your visit to Savannah, and be sure to stop by the Sorrel-Weed House!

Touring Option #1:

“Ghost Hunters House Tour”

Tour inside the Sorrel-Weed House & Carriage House!

Learn the Tragic History of the Sorrel Family.

Hear and See what the TAPS team from GHOST HUNTERS,

Plus Zac & Arron from GHOST ADVENTURES found inside the House!

Experience your very own Paranormal Investigation with the

Infrared Cameras & EMF Detectors!

Tour lasts about 1-Hour

Ages 12-up = $20 }{ Kids age 7-11 = $10

{ Groups of 10+ Please Call before booking }

Touring Option #2:

“Ghost Hunters House+Walking Tour”

Get everything in Tour Option #1 PLUS…

Take the Haunted Stroll around Historic Savannah.

Hearing the tales of Lingering Spirits of Yesteryear!

Including stops at the Battle Field, ‘ol’ Colonial Cemetery,

Jail House and More…

Tour lasts about 2-Hours

Ages 12-up = $28 }{ Kids age 7-11 = $12

{ Groups of 10+ Please Call before booking }

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Sorrel Weed Hall